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milad khatshab is ios programmer

Swift & Web Developer.

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  • Location: Tehran, Iran
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Facts About Swift Academy

Swift Academy is my Swift programming website, for which I am currently developing and recording tutorials.


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The First Swift Website in Iran


Strong social relationships, responsibility, hard work, etc. are important features of any programmer, but the most important features of a programmer is his technical abilities. In this section you can see the programming skills and frameworks that I know and the topics that I study.

Swift 90%
Laravel 70%
UIKit 80%
PHP 65%
Watchkit 60%
Html 40%
Machine Learning 20%
Cocoa 75%
MySQL 65%
Jquery 50%
CSS 30%
Node JS 20%


Swift Experience

Founder, Instructor and Senior in Swift Academy

2021 - Present

Tehran, Iran

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis project in 2019 was created in my mind. But the lack of sufficient experience caused the start of this project to be delayed until 2021

  • website backend development
  • more than 50 specialized articles about swift & swift academy
  • three specialized video courses that are being produced

Middle Swift Developer

2018 - 2020

Tehran, Iran

Work as a Middle Swift freelancer and programmer and gain experience by connecting with great programmers like Paul Hudson

Junior Swift Developer

2017 - 2018

Tehran, Iran

Learn Swift and work as a Swift Junior Programmer


BSc.Computer Engineering

2017 - 2022

Qom University of Technology, Qom, Iran

Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering

High school Diploma


Marefat High School, Tehran, Iran

Mathematics and Physics with a GPA of 17.72 / 20 ( 3.54 / 4 )

Backend Experience

Backend Developer (Laravel)

2021 - Present

Tehran, Iran

Working as a backend developer in karo studio

Backend Developer (Php)


Tehran, Iran

Working as a freelance backend developer


Apple Watch Programming

The first Apple Watch programming course in Iran, which was produced in collaboration with faradars company.

Course Link

iOS Programming with Swift

The most complete and professional ios programming course in Persian with api training and database design with the php, laravel and mysql

things I have taught in this course:

  • Professional iOS programming
  • Php & Laravel
  • Build Api
  • MySQL
  • and ...
Course Link

macOS Programming with Swift

The first and best macOS programming course in persian with api and mysql training

Things I have taught in this course:

  • Professional macOS programming
  • Php & Laravel
  • Build Api
  • MySQL
  • and ...
Course Link

SwiftUI Programming

The first SwiftUI programming course in persian

Things I have taught in this course:

  • iOS programming
  • macOS programming
  • Apple cross platform app
  • Built Api
  • MySQL
  • and ...
Course Link


Some of the projects I have been proud to work on

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Swift Academy

Anar Book

Machine Vision System Lab

Karo Games

Natural Language Processing



Tehran, Iran


+98 910 92 91 700