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milad khatshab is ios programmer

Swift & Web Developer.

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  • Location: Tehran, Iran

I started programming with Swift in 2017.

Shortly after that, I started programming Php script and then with the Laravel framework.

Due to some limitations in Php, I started learning Nodejs after a while.

My personal interest in the Swift programming language made me learn Swift and write articles in this field in addition to my work time in my leisure time.

In 2021, the first spark of the idea of the Swift Academy website came to my mind, and in 2021, I started developing this website with the help of my wife.

And currently, this website is the largest Swift specialized website in Iran.

Also, I am currently recording the ios specialized training course with Swift language, which includes more than 60 hours of Swift specialized training, as well as API writing training with PHP language and Laravel framework.

here you can view this course and watch its free episodes.

Facts About Swift Academy

Swift Academy is my Swift programming website, for which I am currently developing and recording tutorials.


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The First Swift Website in Iran


Strong social relationships, responsibility, hard work, etc. are important features of any programmer, but the most important features of a programmer is his technical abilities. In this section you can see the programming skills and frameworks that I know and the topics that I study.

Nodejs & Javascript
Html & CSS


میلاد خط شب، برنامه نویس بکند
Here you can see some of my activities and resume At the end of each project, a short description of the possibilities of each project is written for you, dear friend, who is going to study it. The important thing that I always proudly state is that each of the projects that I had the honor of working on are a part of my life and each of them added a lot of experience to me. You can also contact me for more information about the projects.



Tire and rim and car accessory store with high facilities

Features and challenges:

  • Possibility of installment purchase with dynamic calculation of interest and time
  • Nested categories for each product
  • Creating a complete invoice for each purchase as a pdf file
  • Ability to choose the time of delivery and installation
  • The possibility of choosing the installer from among the installers according to the city of life
  • User panel, installer panel, admin panel
  • Advanced search by year, model, brand and type of car and its relationship with products
  • Newsletters
  • Sending emails and SMS when the product is in stock
  • Recommended product for each product


Website in 4 languages for portfolios and projects

Features and challenges:

  • Ability to define task and project
  • Creating stories for studio members
  • The possibility of defining news, articles and projects
  • 4 languages

Aroosi Online

Online wedding and invitation card platform

Features and challenges:

  • Wedding day reservation
  • SMS and email for guests
  • Routing
  • Ceremony photo gallery
  • Ceremony schedule


Twitter and Instagram content production website

Features and challenges:

  • Create questions and answers along with the price
  • Calculate the price according to the user's answers
  • Establishing a price relationship between the answers to each question (ie, for example, if the answer to one question is "yes", the cost of the other question is doubled)
  • Creating dynamic features for each service
  • Questions and answers and tickets for users

Karo Event

Online hosting of the event

Features and challenges:

  • Create a new event request
  • Viewing the event online using the Lahze Negar platform
  • Create ticket types for users
  • Handling 4 different landings side by side (three event landings and one main site landing)
  • Questions and answers and tickets for users

Karo Games

Introducing games and their development process

Features and challenges:

  • Create a game
  • Game studios panel
  • The possibility of leaving a story


Appointment clinic for doctors building

Features and challenges:

  • Ability to choose the day, time period and doctor
  • Ability to define different times for each turn
  • Admin panel with multiple access levels for admin, secretary and doctors
  • Possibility to close a specific day
  • Create multiple services for one doctor

Nezam Pezeshki

Voting and election system

Features and challenges:

  • Defining the time limit from the beginning to the end of voting
  • Definition of candidate
  • Admin panel


MVSL - Machine Vision System Lab

Bilingual news website for the German DAAD fund

Features and challenges:

  • Three levels of user access, teacher and student
  • being bilingual
  • Creating a license for each course
  • The possibility of defining news, articles and projects
  • Create multiple services for one doctor


Api for ios book store mobile app

Features and challenges:

  • Smart search according to interests
  • Buying book
  • Ability to create a new seller


News website

Features and challenges:

  • Definition of news
  • Several authors and categories for one news
  • admin panel


iOS Programming with Swift

The most complete and professional ios programming course in Persian with api training and database design with the php, laravel and mysql

things I have taught in this course:

  • Professional iOS programming
  • Php & Laravel
  • Build Api
  • MySQL
  • and ...
Course Link

macOS Programming with Swift

The first and best macOS programming course in persian with api and mysql training

Things I have taught in this course:

  • Professional macOS programming
  • Swift Academy App
  • and ...
Course Link

Apple Watch Programming

The first Apple Watch programming course in Iran, which was produced in collaboration with faradars company.

Course Link

SwiftUI Programming

The first SwiftUI programming course in persian

Things I have taught in this course:

  • iOS programming
  • macOS programming
  • Apple cross platform app
  • Built Api
  • MySQL
  • and ...
Course Link


BSc.Computer Engineering

2017 - 2022

Qom University of Technology, Qom, Iran

Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering

High school Diploma


Marefat High School, Tehran, Iran

Mathematics and Physics with a GPA of 17.72 / 20 ( 3.54 / 4 )


Some of the projects I have been proud to work on

  • All


Swift Academy

Anar Book

Karo Studio





Machine Vision System Lab

Karo Games

Natural Language Processing


Uz Palang


Dr. Rajabi

University professor and artificial intelligence programmer

Work commitment and flexibility in Mr. KhatShab's problems was very valuable and important in my cooperation with him.

Fateme Esfahani

Frontend programmer

Their hard work and great effort to progress is their most important moral characteristic.

Naeim Safaiee

Backend and Android programmer

5 years of cooperation with Milad John were full of successful projects and interesting experiences. Hoping for bigger and brighter projects... 😄

Mohammad Yeganeh

Head of the technical team

Responsibility and progress are two main words that I can use to describe Milad. During the two years of working with him, I was completely satisfied with his presence in my team.

Zeinab Yari

Backend programmer

Cooperation in many projects with him has always been full of interesting and attractive challenges.

Hossein Sabr Amiz

Frontend programmer

Working with Mr. KhatShab is very interesting and fun 😂 They have a special interest in learning and are eager to progress in any field 🧐

Ali Naghi Zadeh

UI-UX Designer

Ensuring the implementation of projects without problems and flexibility in facing challenges is one of the important features of Milad 😁



Tehran, Iran


+98 901 44 88 556